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You’ve Been Invited to a Walima Shaadi!

walima shaadi invitation cards

Have you received a walima shaadi invitation cards? That is great! Someone in your friend group wants you to participate in their special day! If you have never attended a Pakistani wedding before, you may not understand all of the terms or the activities. Get ready for a lot of glitz and glamour! Here is a crash course to get you up to speed.

  1. Mangni: This is the beginning of the process–the engagement! There will be a ceremony that can be quite large depending on the family size. The elders give the future couple blessings and the marriage date is decided.
  2. Mayun: The bride is secluded in the home during the ritual, but she doesn’t do any chores or run any errands. The couple is not to see each other, and there is a lot of partying with the family.
  3. Dholki: A traditional marriage will start with the drum beating or the dholki. Generally, this ceremony is held at a family member’s home. The bride wears yellow, and the groom wears white with yellow scarves.
  4. Mehndi: This is the most anticipated ceremony! The day before the marriage, the bride’s hands and feet are applied with henna. There is a big party for the family, and the bride and groom have to eat ladoos, an Indian sweet.
  5. Baraat: The groom’s procession to the bride (traditionally at her house, but not it is usually to the wedding venue) is a lavish affair. The groom is accompanied by his family, and the bride’s family welcomes him with rose petals.
  6. Nikah: The official Islamic wedding ceremony is called Nikah, and close friends and family members attend this ceremony. The men and women are separated and the marriage contract is signed.
  7. Bidh: After the formalities, the groom’s family gives out wedding favors! These treats are usually dates or other sweet delicacies.
  8. Rukhsati: An emotional part of the ceremony, this is where the bride’s family says goodbye to her as she is leaving for her groom’s house.
  9. Mooh Dikhai: This is a special ceremony where the bride unveils herself for the groom for the first time since the Nikah. A fun game where the groom’s shoe is “stolen” by the sisters and cousins of the bride is played here. The groom must pay money to get the shoe back.
  10. Walima: This is the grand reception (and the reason why you received your walima shaadi invitation cards!) The groom’s parent through a huge party with food and fun.

Now you are prepared for all the walima shaadi festivities! If you are looking for invitations for your own party, don’t forget to check the regalcards.com site for all the latest styles.