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Where To Find the Perfect Muslim Wedding Card


Weddings are an exciting time, and you want everything to be perfect. Picking the perfect Muslim wedding card is one part of the wedding planning that you don’t want to leave to chance.

Selecting Invitation

When selecting wedding invitation cards you will have many options. There are some things you can do to make your choice easier and ensure you are happy with the result.

Decide on the general feel you want the wedding invitation to have. If your service will be formal, the invitation should reflect that. If the service will be more casual, again, choose a more laidback invitation. Things that make an invitation appear more or less formal include the weight of the paper, the font used, and the wording.

You will want to give a hint to your wedding colors in your invitation, whether it is through the color of the card stock, ink, or some combination. There are also different types of folds for the invitation, including trifold, scalloped, ticket, gatefold, flat, and more.

When selecting the size of your invitation it is important to note that a standard 5 by 7 size invitation can be mailed with regular first-class postage as long as the envelope doesn’t have many enclosures adding to the weight. Different sized invitations may cost more and require special postage.

Purchasing your Muslim wedding card and other paper stock, such as thank-you notes, is a fun part of the wedding planning process. When you are ready to look at the many styles of wedding invitation cards available, get in touch with Regal Cards. You are sure to find something you love in our extensive collection.