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When Should You Send Wedding Invites?

Marriage Invitation.

There is a whole list of invitations that go with every wedding, including everything from save the date cards to the bridal shower invitations. Knowing when to send each invitation out can be a hassle, especially if you’re dealing with a long list. The most important, and often most difficult to time, is the marriage invitation itself. There are many factors that go into deciding what timeframe is best for your wedding invites. They are generally sent out six to eight weeks before the wedding, but there are some other factors you should consider.

Did You Send Out Save the Dates?

If you sent out save the dates for your wedding, then the six to eight week timeframe stands. However, if you did not send out save the dates and guests are required to travel, you may want to push the envelope to ten weeks. Requesting time off work and finding travel deals can be time consuming, if your guests can make it happen at all, so giving them those few extra weeks can be extremely helpful. In addition, the closer in you send out the invitations, the more likely it is that some of your guests will have conflicts.

Do You Have a List of Backup Guests?

This is another thing that could push your invitations up a little bit. If you have a plan B guest list to replace people who cannot make it, you want to inform them in a timely manner. If you send out the first round of invitations nine to ten weeks before the wedding, then you will get “no” response cards in time to send out your backup invitations without it being obvious that they are backups.

When Does Your Caterer Need a Count?

A typically cutoff for RSVPs is two to three weeks before the wedding. However, you generally want to have a cutoff date that is a week before the one your caterer provides for you. Caterers tend to request a few weeks’ notice for a final headcount so that they have time to plan and get supplies. Generally, there will be a guest or two who forget to respond or did not realize there was a deadline. In this case, you want to leave a week for yourself to contact any stragglers and get their answers. If your caterer has an earlier date for the final headcount, then you will likely have an earlier RSVP date, and so will want to send out invitations a bit earlier too.

When you send out your marriage invitations has to fit the needs of your wedding. Keep the six to eight week guideline in mind, but do no stress yourself over adhering to closely to it. If you need a little longer, that is perfectly fine.


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