What to Consider When Creating Hindu Marriage Invitation Cards

The proposal has been accepted, the wedding date has been set, and now the happy couple has the important task of selecting and sending out their Hindu marriage invitation cards. The invitation card serves more than telling people when and where the wedding will be held. It is the bearer of good and often highly anticipated news. It gives its recipients a glimpse of who the happy couple is and where their future may lead.

We at Regal Cards feel privileged to have played such an important role in the creation of Indian marriage invitations for nearly a century. Our company prides itself on providing top designs and designers to accommodate our clients and ensure that they receive exactly what they want. When speaking with clients, we often help guide them and advise them what they should consider when creating their invitation, starting with:

Choosing the Right Color for Your Invitations
The first consideration for your wedding invitation is the overall color of the invitation. The majority of our Hindu wedding invitations come with at least two colors with many also having metallic elements. Our best advice is to choose an invitation which has an overall color which will match the theme of your wedding day.

  • Vibrant colors signify a grand and spectacular event. For these types of events, consider using colors such as gold tones, oranges, reds, and purple
  • Richer jewel tones are mostly associated with more traditional weddings
  • Romantic and elegant weddings do well with soft pastel tones, such as soft pink and peach tones
  • Bold and brazen colors symbolize energy and give a sense of grandeur

Add the Right Designs and Motifs
We at Regal cards have a number of different symbols and design elements which can be added to your wedding invitation. Some of the symbols we offer include:

  • Sangeet symbols
  • Ganesha symbols
  • Kalash symbols
  • Traditional wedding ceremony symbols

Our Hindu marriage invitation cards come in an array of colors and with a number of different images and embellishments. From contemporary styles to classic images and symbols, choosing the right symbol and design can be difficult. When selecting your symbol, keep in mind that your design elements will be the first item which catches the eye of the recipient.

  • More delicate motifs, symbols, and designs build up your wedding theme while rich patterns are better for traditional themes
  • Ornate floral patterns and motifs are perfect for romantic wedding themes
  • Minimalist designs and graphic designs are ideal for super modern Hindu wedding invitation cards

The last and most overlooked part of your invitation is the paper it is set upon. We at Regal Cards offer an array of paper options, from high-quality matte paper to glossy paper to shimmery and beyond. Choose a thick quality paper with a color which will best suit your designs, text layout and font and your guests will not only be left impressed but also excited for your wedding day.