What to Consider Before Buying Sikh Wedding Cards

Sikh marriage ceremonies go back to the time of Amar Das who lived from 1479-1574. Since that time, the Sikh traditions have held true, including the tradition of Sikh wedding cards. Before you go out and buy Sikh wedding cards, it will be in your best interest to keep the following information in mind:

Cards for Pre-Wedding Rituals

Before the wedding even begins, there are a number of Sikh rituals that happen with the close family and friends. Many of these rituals are seen as very important and you can choose to buy wedding cards inviting people to these functions, including shri akhand path, sagai and roka. For instance, sagai is a ceremony where the couple who is getting married will exchange rings and officially become engaged. Though some families will prefer to keep this ritual private, many will want close family involved and you can invite them with these wedding cards.

Cards for the Wedding

After all of the pre-wedding rituals and ceremonies have been taken care of, you will have the main event. The Sikh wedding will start with a shagun ceremony. This is where the family of the groom is given gifts and sweets by the family of the bride. This is followed by another extremely important event where the (mostly) women from the groom’s family will give the bride a red veil known as the dupatta.

The family of the groom will welcome the new bride during this ceremony by giving her gifts and helping her to put on things like jewelry, makeup, sindoor, bindi and of course, the dupatta. You should think of all of these things when buying your wedding cards as you can share these moments with your wedding guests.

After the Wedding

Following the Sikh wedding, there are still more rituals that will happen that may involve wedding cards, depending on your personal preferences. For instance, the doli ceremony will occur when the bride’s family must bid her farewell as she goes off to live with her husband. There also may be a reception following a Sikh wedding where the bride will be introduced to the friends, community and family of the husband. Though this is not a traditional part of the Sikh wedding ceremony, in modern times, people have begun to add this and if you choose to, you will also need wedding cards.