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Wedding invite FAQ: Answers to those stubborn invite questions

Muslim Marriage Cards

So you are all set with your well designed Muslim marriage cards and are wondering how to go about the wedding invitation process. Well, worry not, here are a few answers to questions that might be stubbornly running in your head.

When to send

This is perhaps the most common dilemma most people face. Send the invites too early and you risk seeming too enthusiastic. Invitees might feel the wedding is too far away and forget about it till the last minute. Send it too late and you risk being too late for most people. You need to strike the right balance between too late and too early. Traditionally, invites go out six to eight weeks before the date. This gives everyone enough time to clear their schedules for the day. For a destination wedding, give guests enough time and send the invites as early as three months before.


This is slightly related to the question of invites and the timing. If you are wondering when the deadline for confirmations should be, think about giving guests a date two or three weeks before the wedding. This will give enough time for a final head count for the caterers and for the finalization of the seating charts. If some guests have not responded, then give them a call and ask for their confirmations, if you have their contact information.

The website

In the tech savvy world, wedding invites are not enough. Wedding websites make things much easier as they provide all the information in one place. The wedding web address should be included on the invitation card. Alternatively you can insert a small card that tells people they can find additional information online.


Small details like having an adults’ only wedding are a sensitive subject to broach on a wedding invitation. To do this, address your invitations correctly. Instead of simply doing an all in one, address each invitation by name and not just guest. If after providing the information, some still reply with children’s names added, call them and explain your preferences. If there are too many kids in the family, consider hiring a baby sitter or a having a kids section.


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