We Offer Beautiful Sikh Marriage Invitation Cards at an Affordable Price

We believe our company, Regalcards.com, is a leader in the Indian and Muslim wedding invitation business because we keenly understand the market. When it comes to offering Sikh marriage invitation cards as well as other invitations, such as those provided for special occasions like Bar Mitzvahs, we take extra care to offer the finest in invites and services.

Weddings are Expensive Affairs

Because the wedding industry continues to grow at an accelerated pace, we, at Regalcards.com, are looking forward to keeping up with that growth. Our Sikh marriage invitation cards represent the pomp and status that is now a part of Indian weddings in terms of cost. While the average amount of money for an Indian wedding can involve spending quite a bit of lakh rupees, Sikh weddings can even be more costly affairs.

Customizing the Cards: The Customer Always Come First

As a result, we at Regalcards.com have made it our mission to offer only the finest in Sikh marriage invitation cards, as we know that our customers expect only the best in gem-studded and elegant invitations – cards that are a trademark of the Sikh wedding. We also make sure that the wording, format and style of the cards meet our customer’s requirements. We may advise customers to add religious symbols on their cards or wording that is printed in the bride’s handwriting.

RSVP Help Customers Stay Organized

Among the add-ons we provide for the invitation, our RSVP cards should enable you to adequately determine who or who is not coming to your wedding and the reception. You won’t want to overlook RSVP cards that can be matched up to personalized seals and labels for envelopes as well.

Program Books

In addition to the RSVP cards, you may want to include an invitation program book, so guests are made aware of reception events. The programs are an ideal way to keep a wedding party informed and entertained. The program books can be utilized at the reception for listing music, drink, and food sections as well as the members of the wedding party.

Added Elegance

We, at Regalcards.com want you to be happy with the layout and printing of your wedding invitations as well as any needed add-ons. We feel our invites and add-ons add the sort of elegance that is preferred by our loyal base of customers and contacts.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Hallmark

We, at Regalcards.com also believe in forming a strong bond or “marriage” as well with our own base of customers. Therefore, we are always checking on the satisfaction levels of the clients we serve. We want you to be as happy with your invitations as you are with the other stationery that you buy to complement your wedding card purchase.