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Ways to Customize Your Wedding Invitations

Scroll Wedding Invitation Cards

If your wedding is just around the corner, you’re probably getting ready to send off your wedding invitations. Much like choosing your wedding cake and dress, your invitations are another opportunity to add your personal style to the event. The invitation to your wedding is often the first impression your guests will have of the ceremony, so reflecting the atmosphere of the wedding is essential. With so many options to create your own invitations or have them specially ordered, finding the right style to reflect your wedding is simple.

The Calligraphy

Your calligraphy for your wedding invitation can be chosen in a number of ways. Couples who want to enhance the formal setting of their wedding often choose a traditional font, like Copperplate, Flourished Copperplate, Sloop, Elongated Italic or Chancellery. Some couples prefer a more modern approach, which pairs best with the style of Roundhand, Contemporary, Reisling or Carolingian fonts. A playful and festive ceremony that is less formal may choose something as simple as Comic Sans. Consider the look and feel of your wedding before selecting your font. If you hire a professional calligrapher or order your invitations through a printing company, the staff can inform you of any available fonts.

The Stationary

Choosing stationary also shows your invited guests the style you want to convey at your wedding ceremony, while reflecting part of your culture as well. For instance, scroll wedding invitation cards are popular in Indian and Islamic cultures to convey the extravagance of the wedding. However, in Japanese culture, wedding invitations hold the highest honor, so their stationary is typically modern in appearance. Western culture is usually more relaxed in their stationary, ranging in bright and bold colors with added graphics. Whichever stationary type you choose, take a moment to embrace the customized look of your own style.

The Envelope

The envelope is the first part of the wedding invitation, so you can choose a subtle or a bold way to decorate. Often, the invitation’s envelope should be a simpler version of the stationary and font inside, deriving very little from the selected style. Some couples choose to add a monogram of their initials for a personal touch, hinting at the invitee that this envelope holds something special from the couple.

Embrace Your Wedding Style

Essentially, every part of your wedding invitations should give your guests a glimpse at what is in store for your wedding. No matter what style you choose, your wedding should be an expression of your combined tastes as a couple. Once you prepare the invitations cards, make sure to send out your wedding invitations about a month before, giving your guests time to make flight and hotel arrangements for your big day.


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