Uphold Your Culture Traditions with Sikh Wedding Invitations

The wedding ceremony of a Sikhs couple is considered a very favorable event. A couple will base their ceremony around the cultural and values of their religion that play a vital part in the wedding. People born of this heritage are devoted religious individuals that are God-fearing. Their invitation should portray their culture and moralities when they are created through the wording and symbols that are used. For these reasons the couple should find a company that has experience in designing Sikh marriage invitation cards. Whether they are conventional or contemporary style, the cards can be designed to blend the traditions of the couple and the theme of their wedding.

Different Types of Cards for the Sikh Rituals

There is a variety of rituals that individuals of Sikh religion perform with their closest friends and family. Since there are different formalities to be completed, keep in mind the different style of invitations you will want to order. Some of these rituals are the roka, shi akhand, and sagai that you may want to buy cards to invite those you want present at the ceremonies. In the sagai ceremony, the couple will exchange their rings that will make them officially engaged. You can select to have cards made for these pre-wedding rites to inform your family when the ceremony will take place. On the wedding day, there are ceremonies performed from gifts for the groom to the bride being welcomed with gifts from the groom’s family. Even after the wedding there are rituals for the family of the bride to see her off as she goes to live with the husband. Along with the reception at the end of the wedding to introduce the bride to everyone. For each of these ceremonies, you can select to send out a special wedding card to those you want to attend.

Receive Your Beautiful Invitations from a Company that Understand the Importance of Your Rituals

A wedding day is special for any bride or groom; they want to make sure everything is perfect from the wedding cards to the decorations. That is why you want to hire a company to design beautifully, handcrafted invites that represent your religion and cultural beliefs. From sophisticated to gem-studded invitations, you want to find affordable cards that will have the format and wording that you require. Weddings can be expensive however you do not have to skimp on the invitation when you select to use a company that understands the importance of quality invites.