Unique Invitation Ideas

When you’re excited about your wedding, you want your guests to share that excitement. When you send out a plane looking invitation, it doesn’t give your guests much of a sense of the wedding. In contrast, a creative and cute invitation will surprise them and interest them in what’s to come. There are a lot of unique invitations out there, each of which you can add your own touches to in order to make them personal.

1. Scroll Invitation
A scroll invitation is a simple to execute and extremely cute way to invite guests to a wedding. Envelopes can easily blend in with the rest of the mail that your guests receive, and are uneventful to open. Seeing a scroll among their mail pile is exciting and intriguing, plus unrolling it is more engaging that opening a traditional letter. In addition, you can add some personal touches with what ribbon you use to seal it shut, or even some pattern or decoration on the exterior. You can also consider a tassel or tag on the seal to accessorize the ribbon. It’s easy to personalize and fun for your guests, and a great way to make your invitations unique.

2. Metallic Text
One of the easiest ways to personalize your invitation is through the font and color of the text. However, you can take it up a notch by using a metallic overlay, usually in gold or silver. The shine is eye-catching and glamorous, and will add a little wow factor to your invitation. Using metallic text instantly elevates any invitation, especially if it ties in with other metallic elements on the paper.

3. Embossed Text
Another text trick is embossing, which gives you a unique look without being too obtrusive. If you’re having a subtler, understated wedding, embossing may be the way to make your invitation stand out but still coincide with the theme. It can be done in any color, which makes it incredibly easy to adapt to your theme, and results in a cool aesthetic.

4. Unique Envelopes
Having decorated envelopes is a great way to stand out to your guests. Colorful, unique or even metallic envelopes make a great addition to any invitation. They will catch your guest’s eye right when they arrive, and make them excited to see what is inside.

Making your wedding invitations unique starts off your wedding right. It gets your guests excited to attend, and you excited to keep planning. You and your guests will remember it for a long time.