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Unique Features of a Muslim Wedding

Muslim wedding card

If you go to a card shop and look around at wedding cards to give to a bride and groom on their wedding day or bridal shower, you may notice that a lot of them are traditionally Christian, with a bride in white and a groom in a tux, and other traditional symbols for this type of wedding. However, if you look at a Muslim wedding card, you may see some very different symbols than what you can find just anywhere. Here are some unique features of a Muslim wedding that makes it so different from what you may be used to.

There are many different types of Muslim traditions, and which ones the families choose to uphold depends largely on the culture, Islamic sect and gender separation rules that the families follow. For example, in many ceremonies, the men and women will stay separate during not only the reception but even the ceremony itself.

Another way that Muslim ceremonies are unique is that anyone who understands the Islamic tradition can officiate the marriage, meaning that you don’t need to be a certain Muslim priest to officiate. For this reason, you may not see priests as symbols on a Muslim wedding card.

A marriage contract is often included in the Muslim tradition. This is offered up before the actual ceremony, and often includes the Meher, which states how much money the groom will provide to the bride both before the marriage and throughout her life as long as she remains married to him. For the portion before the marriage, the engagement ring is often used. For the remainder of her life, the meher can be satisfied with money, land, jewelry or even an education. This is a way to provide some level of independence and freedom for the bride, although some people outside of the tradition may have difficulty understanding that.

In Muslim weddings, many brides and grooms do not recite vows, although sometimes traditional vows can be spoken. Instead, it is tradition to listen to the official talk about the meaning of marriage and the responsibilities that both the bride and groom have to each other as well as to Allah because of their upcoming union. This may also include readings from the sacred text that speak of the union between the bride and groom.

Although there are many different traditions of Muslim weddings that you may see when you pick up a Muslim wedding card, they can also have similarities, as well. If you get invited to a Muslim wedding, it may be advised that you learn what kinds of traditions are involved so that you come prepared. Visit regalcards.com to get more information!


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