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Types and Styles Of a Muslim Wedding Invitation

Muslim wedding invitation cards

As anyone getting married may already know choosing the right invitation for your wedding can be a project all on its own. Those planning a traditional Islamic ceremony way want their invitations to reflect a particular style. There are a variety of Muslim wedding invitation cards to choose from. Here are some of the features you may find when looking over the options.

Card Style

The type of fold you choose for your invitation can affect what envelope type it will fit into. Some invitations are designed to fit in a standard envelope while others have custom sizes. Many invitations come with their own envelopes so this may be a non-issue. Fold type can include a single fold seen in a traditional card or a tri-fold much like a letter. Other invitations include a tie or seal to keep the invitation closed until the guest opens it


Color Variation

There are a number of color variations you can choose for your Muslim wedding invitation cards. Many people start out with a color theme for their wedding, and choose to include these selections into their invitation design. Some choose to have the card be the main wedding color, others select a neutral color such as white or cream and include their wedding color as an accent. Accent colors can be incorporated in a variety of ways from a boarder or pattern on the card, to the color of the seal or paper insert. In many cases card have been designed in the most popular colors combinations already, so you simply have to decide which design you like best.


There are a number of designs available for wedding invitations. Some include patterns that cover part or all of the invitation. Others include a single, elegant element. Design styles can also contain intricate cutouts, frames, borders, embossing, and embellishments such as gold foil. Consider whether you want more than one design element in your invitation and how they work together when making your decision.

When considering the Muslim wedding invitation cards that will work best with your wedding, you may want to think about these things. Do you want your cards to fit into a standard size envelope? When your perspective guests open your cards is there a particular way you want the invitation to unfold? Also consider using your wedding’s theme colors in your invitation either as the main colors or an accent. You may also have a particular design element you want to incorporate. Remember, no matter which invitation you choose, your wedding is a day to celebrate. Contact Regal Cards to get more information!


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