Traditional Wedding Cards for a Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony

Indian Weddings are elaborate affairs that are comprised of deep rooted ceremonial rituals. Pundit is always present during the rituals, and he is the one that designates how they are to be performed. The wedding cannot take place without him. From choosing the perfect wedding day, to finalizing the wedding cards that will be used, pundit is always there. He matches the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom, to ensure that they will be harmonious. The pundit represents gods and goddesses, who are very important in an Indian wedding. When the cards are prepared, he will submit them to the gods and goddesses, before they are sent on to the guests.

Fine Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail

A wedding card should be just as fascinating and traditional as the culture that a person comes from. Exclusive Indian wedding cards that are fit for a traditional elaborate Indian wedding are no different. These cards are a symbol of two hearts meeting together to love one another for a lifetime, so they need to be just as special as everything else that is used for the wedding. These cards are carefully handcrafted, with great attention to detail. Each design is ornate and made with vivid colors to give them an extra special look. Exclusive Indian wedding invitations are made with only the best crafting materials, to ensure that they are fit for the grand occasion. Even though all Indian wedding invitations are crafted with high quality materials, they can still be obtained in many different themes. From contemporary cards to artistic cards and ones that are specific to different variations of Indian religion, people can special order whatever card they want with a variety of different designs and features.

Signature Wedding Cards

Most wedding invitations and related cards, such as reception cards, come in an array of dazzling colors. Rather than purchasing stock cards, it is much better to employ the services of a premium designer card company, so that you can get the perfect cards to make your special day fantastic. Signature cards can give a touch of elegance, class, and sophistication that can’t be obtained from standard stock cards that are mass produced. Even though signature cards are exclusive and made to order, they are still relatively affordable for couples who are on all types of budgets.