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Tips When Choosing and Sending American Wedding Cards

American Wedding Cards

The first peek into what your wedding day will be like for your guests comes courtesy of the wedding card, so you want to be sure that it stands out. There are so many types of American wedding cards on the market that it can be challenging to decide between them. If you are having trouble figuring out where to start, that’s okay. We’ll share some great tips to get you past this hurdle when planning a wedding.

Consider Your Wedding Style

While your American wedding cards will make a note of the location and wedding time, they should also hint about the level of formality the guests can expect. You need to know if you’re holding a classic wedding, casual wedding, or modern wedding before you snatch up the right invitations. The card should hit the same notes that your wedding will so nothing comes as a big surprise. Looking at the cards offered by several websites can give you an idea of what will best fit the occasion.

Define Your Color Scheme

Also worth noting are the colors of your wedding. Many people like to use the same colors and motif that will be incorporating on menus, ceremony books, and other items at the wedding itself. Someone who is having a classic wedding might go with a cream card stock and black or gold font, but others might want to go with metallic fonts, colorful paper, and envelopes. It all comes down to what your wedding is going to be like.

Get Going Early

If you are using save-the-date cards, those should be sent out eight to 10 months before the wedding. They can take a few weeks to print so keep that in mind. These don’t have to match your invitations but buying everything from the same retailer can save you time and energy. The invitations need to be ordered four or five months before the wedding and sent out no later than two months before the wedding ceremony. Those having a destination wedding should send them out at least three months in advance.

When you need invitations for your wedding, Regal Cards makes the process simple and easy. You can get all of your stationary done in a single design to save time. If you want to learn more, you can view our designs at www.RegalCards.com.


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