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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Indian Wedding Card

Indian Wedding Card1

What is the first thing you should do when you are planning for your perfect Indian wedding? You may have already gone online and seen that experts say you should pick out a few dates book your Maharaj, set the budget, start to write out a guest list and begin drafting a “to do” list. Those are incredibly important things, but we suggest you start it all by selecting your Indian wedding card.

How on earth could your Indian wedding card be more important than those other steps just listed above? Just think about it for a moment. The people invited to the event are going to take their cues from the appearance of the Indian wedding card. What cues? Well, just think about what the invitation says.

Yes, it gives your information and lets people know about the dates of the events. However, the Indian wedding card also indicates the design and d├ęcor, the opulence or even the low-key attituded that will be steering you towards the rest of your choices. For example, an elegant laser cut card that opens in the center and is tied with a silky ribbon is rather opulent and says to the invited parties that they can anticipate much the same during the wedding.

On the other hand, a very simple card with a delicate laser cut of a tree and two birds says that your wedding day is not about opulence and a lavish show of luxury. It may be much more low-key and simple, though still elegant and refined.

So, begin by asking yourself just what it is you hope to say about your event and your plans through the card. The cards themselves may even inspire you to make different decisions about your wedding. After all, many people dread the idea of planning their big day until they begin actually making those plans. Then, they may realize that they have wanted a larger, grander wedding simply because of the gilded papers, silken tassels and saturated colors they see in the different invitations available.

Of course, the opposite also applies. You may think, “Oh, I want a very grand event!” only to see the subtler, or earthier invitations and realize that you too want something that reflects such an appearance.

Try to remember that your invitations can really set the stage and inform guests of the sort of event you have in mind. They can even steer you towards the kinds of garments, settings and look your day will have. If you want the fullest array of invitations from which to choose, Visit regalcards.com


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