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Things to Consider When Choosing an Indian Wedding Card

Indian wedding invitation

Many Indian weddings are grand affairs that require months of planning and preparation before the big day. Because of that, every aspect of the day must be carefully considered in advance. One of the aspects that is involved in that is choosing the perfect Indian wedding invitation. This might seem like an easy task but there are hundreds of choices out there and finding the one right for you might take a bit of time.

What’s Your Budget?

Before you begin looking at wedding cards, you first want to be sure you have settled on a budget for your cards. While invitations may not be expensive when compared to catering and entertainment, they do come in all sorts of prices. Knowing what you can afford to spend will ensure you select cards that you can afford, and which reflect the type of wedding you will have.

What Design is Right?

In many cases, you will notice that an Indian wedding invitation will be fairly traditional. Many of them include religious quotes, motifs, and designs which you can choose from. However, there are also plenty of modern cards on the market nowadays. You need to decide whether you want a religious, modern, or more traditional design.

Which Colors to Choose?

The majority of Indian invitations will have bright colors which speak to a time of celebration. Many of these cards will use bright green, saffron, red, and gold, which symbolize love and energy. Modern cards may have pastel colors that are a bit subtler. Whichever card you choose, you want the envelope to match in design.

Do You Want Decorations?

Everything from stones, threads, mirrors, and gemstones can be used on a card to give it a bit of embellishment for the receiver. These add a sense of richness and resplendency to every invitation. If you are going for a more modern design, you can expect to choose from things like ribbons and crystals, instead.

Which Card Material Fits?

While one type of paper might seem like the next, the truth is that the quality of the paper makes a huge difference in the final aesthetic of your card. Choosing a high-quality paper will make the card appear more impressive and exciting. There are all sorts of paper to choose from, some of which even come perfumed.

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