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There is No Such Thing as a Standard Indian Wedding Invitation

Indian Wedding Invitation

Just like any other sort of wedding event has no stock, standard or predictable style, so to do Indian weddings. That means there is no such thing as a standard Indian wedding invitation, either. As an example, you might be planning a Punjabi wedding with lots of over-the-top luxuries, an abundance of color and more. Naturally, you might be hosting a low-key Indian wedding and desire little more than natural cardstock with subtle imagery of elephants or other symbols. Perhaps it is an interfaith event, and you wish for something that shows multiple cultures? The good news is that you can work with a premium printer, like RegalCards.com and get the perfect Indian wedding invitation for whatever sort of event you have planned.

Choosing Your Style

Naturally, making the right decision means having access to a diversity of styles, materials and more. For instance, if you want your Indian wedding invitation to feature an elegant gold tassel and lots of gold leaf or laser cut lace, a good printer should make that available.

So, as you begin, you want to itemize some basics to enable your selection process to be faster and easier. You can do that answering these questions:

  • What shape do you have in mind? – Is it a perfect square, standard card, single sheet? Knowing that is a good way to begin.
  • What colors do you have you chosen? – Even if you have a single color, such a turquoise, you can find cards with damask patterns in two tonal values of the same shade. You can find single hues accented or embossed with gold. Give serious thought to the colors as you begin to look to be sure the style you have chosen works with that scheme.
  • What design do you have in mind? – Will your card close in the traditional way, like a book? Maybe it will meet in the middle with a sort of medallion at the center? Perhaps it is a scroll design? Consider too if there are to be inserted and how those work with the design
  • What materials do you desire? – Are you thinking of a premium silk stock or a luxe velvet coated card stock? Perhaps you have a matte stock in mind? Take this into consideration as you begin to choose to help with the whole selection process, too

Your Indian wedding invitation is a reflection of your style and the type of event your guests can expect, take time to choose a premium provider for the very best outcome.


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