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The wedding stationery checklist: getting the invite just right

Punjabi Marriage Cards

There are two sides to the wedding planning coin when it comes to preparing invites; there is the panic and not knowing what to buy on one side, and the feeling of being overwhelmed and wanting every pretty card design in sight on the other side. Without proper planning, it is highly likely that you will fall into one of these traps when planning your wedding. To avoid this, the best approach is to prepare as adequately as possible. This checklist will be valuable in that preparation process:

The invitations

This is the most important of the wedding preparation stationery. The invitation will reflect the tone of the wedding, detailing specifics like the dress code and so on. A Punjabi marriage, for instance, will require Punjabi Marriage cards. Depending on the style preferences of the bride and groom, the invite can have several elements like the outer envelope, an inner envelope which is often unsealed, reception cards, the actual invitation and a self-addressed response card. Maps and hotel information might also be present. The traditional invitation typically has standard heavy stock paper, most of the time white, but engraved with charcoal or black ink. However, couples are moving away from the standard and adopting paper with unusual shapes, often emblazoned with graphics, gifs, monograms or family crests.

When planning for invites, think not only about the design, but also about such details as the ordering. The earlier they are ordered, the more the available time for proofing, making changes and addressing the outer envelopes. It is advisable to have them sent as early as six to eight weeks before the actual date of the wedding, with an RSVP deadline of about two weeks for the final preparations.

Reply cards

These are often sent with the invitation itself, with a self-addressed envelope. The traditional response card will typically have the would be guests checking a box letting the couple know how many people will be attending, as well as a date for the expected return. The reply cards are getting more complex, though. With more people having dietary concerns, some have menus with guests checking off what they wish to eat that day, as well as a list of activities they would like to participate in on the wedding day.


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