The Unique Indian Wedding Invitations

Weddings bring out true love and passion. People are always intrigued by weddings, and they make him feel happy and surrounded by love. In the Indian culture, the celebration of love and a wedding begins as soon as the invitations are printed out. Punjabi wedding invitations are extremely special because it is the first time that the names of the groom and the bride appear together making this a very special document to hold onto.

Punjabi wedding invitations will inform guests about the time and date and the location of the special event. Because of how intricate the design of the invitation is the guest will feel that their presence at the wedding is very important. Most of the time the bride and groom will go with more traditional options; however some couples prefer to select more modern patterns for their nuptials.

Set a Tone

The Punjabi wedding invitations can really set the tone for the wedding day. The groom and bride will select very elegant invitations and some the really lean on the side of tradition. Many of these invitations will start out with an invocation or a mantra. Some will be embossed with a photo of the Lord Ganesha. Then the details of the ceremony will follow.

Options for Invitations

The wedding invitations are not only responsible for revealing the details for the events of the day, but they are a symbol of notification for people you may have lost touch with and want them to know about the special day. Many of the wedding cards will have silver or gold on them, lettering that stands out and many gemstones glued on them. This is an indication that the ceremony is expensive. Many Hindu families will send gifts to accompany the invitation such as trinket boxes, silverware, material for blouses, or saris. Sometimes they will even send a box of sweets. The overall cost depends on the type of paper that is used and what additional materials are selected such as tissue, cloths, jewels, or other embellishments.

For Punjabi invitations, they normally come in very traditional colors. These colors range from saffron, yellow, green, red, orange, or gold. In addition to shades of color, the cards will be embellished with symbols of the religion or jewels. These cards are also unique to the culture because they contain a mantra or saying that is just a few lines on the right side of the card. It is followed by the parent’s name that is extending the invitation. Today these cards can be purchased online and then sent right to the home or workplace.