The Punjabi Marriage Invitation Cards

Punjabi weddings are considered to be some of the most expensive wedding events. It is not surprising to find a family that is willing to do all it can just to get the best well-designed Punjabi marriage invitation cards for the wedding they are preparing for. These weddings are usually known to be very elegant and rich in various esthetic elements.

Punjabi Marriage Invitation Cards are made from the Finest Materials

Most of these invitation cards are known to be shaped in either squares or rectangles. However, there are those that take on an entirely unique shape. The highest quality announcement cards are popularly known to be made from the finest materials available in the market. The first things you always need to determine are the sizes of your preferred wedding card. You should know the exact size you desire before you start shopping for the cards and decide in advance whether you will get a standard design or a customized design.

Buy Punjabi Marriage Invitation Cards Online

There are various shops, especially in India, which specialize in selling various forms of announcement and wedding cards. You can also get a list of all the available designs from the Regal Cards website. This website is known to offer a broad range of unique announcements and invitations at affordable prices and discounts.

Types of Punjabi Marriage Invitation Cards

  • The Embroidered Designs

The embroidered design cards have largely taken their inspiration from decorations of the area’s traditional weddings and dresses. This design is highly decorative and elegant.

  • The Mehendi Designs

The Mehendi designed cards are popularly known for their simple and elegant appearance. These wedding cards are known to allow their users to customize them in the form they personally desire. This design can also have quotations, vows or lines of personal importance added as well.

  • The Wedding Scrolls

From the large variety of the thousands of unique cards you can select from, the wedding scrolls are some of the most attractive designs. This style generally contains the nostalgia of when the country was under the Hindu monarchs. The wedding scroll design is commonly preferred by people who love adding lots of flamboyance during their weddings. This unique design is usually made on very expensive papers hence are very costly compared to the other card designs. The wedding scrolls are always adorned with either silver or gold designs for extra attraction.