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The Perfect Indian Wedding Theme


The first step in selecting the perfect Indian wedding invitation is deciding upon the style of your event. These are just a few Indian wedding themes that are currently trending.

The Fairytale Wedding

If you’re a fan of the Disney movies classic depiction of fairytale weddings, this might be the theme for you. This theme allows the bride to truly live like a Princess for the day. To create the ambiance of elegance, over the top décor is in order. This might include chandeliers, flower petals, and fairy lights. Many couples who decide upon this wedding like to hold it outdoors, as it allows for more flexibility and room for creativity. Incorporate a soft pastel color scheme wil make your guests feel like they just stepped into a fairytale. If you want to carry on this theme through to your actual wedding gown, consider adding a tiara as a final touch. As for the groom, an all-white suite would be a great option.

The Royal Wedding

Every girl deserves to feel royal on her wedding day. If this is the theme you are going for, extravagance will be key. You will likely want to go for a gown with a long train and not shy away from glamorous jewelry. This theme can still be carried out on a budget with a few simple touches to create the sense of a royal wedding. For example, incorporate a roll out a red carpet leading up to the location of the wedding. To add to the fun, add a photo booth for your guests to take pictures. As for the cuisine, utilize fancy serving dishes and glasses.

The Lucknowi Wedding

The Lucknowi wedding theme is popular with traditional Indian weddings. For this theme, look for a classic venue that depicts your heritage. Antique décor such as lanterns. chandeliers, and colored glasses can be a nice added touch. Be sure to carry out this theme through your chosen entertainment to create a traditional Lucknowi feel.

The Beach Wedding

If you’re going for a more relaxed wedding theme, a beach wedding might be the perfect pick for you. Destination weddings are popular because they allow the entire wedding party and guests to enjoy a vacation at the same time. A beach resort or hotel is the perfect option for a beach wedding venue. Outfits will typically be more casual; sometimes the bride may prefer to even go barefoot. Light colors and minimal jewelry will allow you to carry out this relaxed theme throughout the whole event.

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