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The perfect Indian Wedding Card

Indian wedding cards

An Indian wedding is all about style and beauty. Indian weddings are very vibrant and colorful. If you are going to get hitched soon, you must have planned something grand and beautiful for THE DAY.

Your wedding card is that one element that gives you the gist of the heritage of your wedding. It is one of the most important things, and you definitely will not want to mess it up.

Before you proceed for cards shopping make sure that you have a theme in your mind, a fixed budget and you know the number of guests (Although keep extra cards for just in case).

Keeping a theme in mind is the most important thing. You can do anything with your wedding card, maybe make it religious, or you can divert from the classic cards and make something cool and cute. But, it is advisable that you go digital while choosing the invites. The reason being the wide range of colors and designs the online stores offer. The cherry on the cake is you can even customize the card as per your preferences and choices. And of course, the bride and the groom to be would not want to be all tanned up in the sun looking for Indian wedding cards.

If you are wondering, what is all this fuss about a mere invitation card, then you might want to reconsider. Invitation cards are not just pieces of paper that have the name of the bride and the groom, the venue and the date of the marriage provided. It is much more than that. As mentioned invitations are the one thing that can give a gist about your wedding to the guest. Good quality and design invite give a grand vibe about the event, which is not the case with the simple cards. People will have an impression that the wedding is going to be a simple one. And the love of Indians for a big fat wedding is not hidden from anyone.

Also for the close ones like your best friend or your very close relative who love you dearly, the invitation can be a souvenir. A beautiful invitation is something people would like to cherish in themselves.

So plan the invites properly for your D-Day.


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