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The Importance Of Indian Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Cards

A wedding day is a special event in the life of every individual. Matches are supposed to be made in heaven and celebrated on Earth in the form of weddings. The bridegroom, the would-be bride and their families take every probable measure to make the occasion as blissful as possible.


The occasion starts with the printing of the wedding cards. It is highly valued as for the first time the name of the bridegroom and the bride appears together somewhere. To make it special and unique, the most elegant cards are selected. Usually, Indian wedding cards have mantras or shlokas written on the card to invoke the Gods. Some wedding cards also have a picture of Lord Ganesha engraved on the Indian wedding card. Wedding invitations are the first preview that guests get of the wedding. It is the perfect chance to set the tone and style for your big event. Wedding cards also serve as a legal document of proof about the ceremony.


Wedding cards give the guests all the information they would need about the wedding schedule. Some guests find out about the wedding only after receiving the card. For some they serve as a reminder. So, Indian wedding cards play a vital role during the wedding preparations.


Simple wedding cards and articulate wedding cards have Gods adorning the front page. The succeeding pages contain details of the marriage date and the venue. A high-quality wedding card is replete with silver, gold prints and gemstones that indicate an ostentatious wedding. Gifts are given to the invitees alongside the invitation cards. The cost of cards depends on the quality and type of paper and printed material used. Similar to the olden days, cards are made from transparent stiff cloth. At Regal Cards, you can find exclusive Indian wedding cards along with matching accessories. We have great looking cards to offer at very reasonable price.


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