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Selecting Interfaith Marriage Cards

Interfaith Marriage Cards

Interfaith marriage cards are designed to reflect the bonding between two people of the same faith. At Regal Cards, we offer wedding cards in a variety of different designs and patterns. Whether you are a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim or Christian, we have wedding cards that are designed exclusively for your big day! We understand that many people who like to marry within the same faith often want wedding cards that have a bit of a religious touch to them. We offer those wedding cards as well! If you are confused about selecting a wedding card for your wedding, this brief guide might help you out.

Select the Color Scheme

We recommend that the first thing you do is select the color scheme. Many people often go for wedding cards that have the same color scheme as their wedding décor. At Regal Cards, we offer an extensive array of different types of wedding cards, with different color schemes to choose from. Some people like lighter colors, while others prefer darker, sharper shades. You can talk to one of our customer representatives to see all the color schemes that we have to offer, and then make a decision.

Choose a Design

The next step is to choose the right design. We offer intricate patterns, as well as simpler ones that appeal to those who don’t want a lot of delicacy in the design. When it comes to choosing a design, you might be spoilt for choice at Regal Cards. We have one of the biggest collections of interfaith marriage cards for our customers to choose from. We continue to introduce new and unique designs depending upon the current trends.

Choose the Number of Cards

How many people do you wish to invite to the wedding? Now that you have chosen the color scheme and the design of the card, the next step is to select the number of cards that you want us to print. We do our own printing, and can print as many cards as you want!

Choosing the Font

The next step is to choose the font that you want us to use on the card. We have our own fonts and can also use any custom fonts that you may want. We will design the whole card and print out a sample for you to see before going into mass printing. Once the prints are complete, we will carefully check all the cards in order to make sure that they look as good as you expect them to! At Regal Cards, we take quality control very seriously, and will make sure that you have no complaints from us! Contact us today for a quote!


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