Scroll Cards Provide a Royal Impression

Scroll cards make royal impressions when used as invitations to an epic ceremony. Scroll card invitations work beautifully when created uniquely for the occasion. Princess weddings, traditional Indian wedding designs, or unique hand created themes can be incorporated into beautiful scroll cards.


The material is one of the most important and most memorable elements of the scroll cards created. Scroll card material includes but is not limited to vellum paper, silk, matte finish, silver metallic paper, handmade paper, card stock paper, cotton cloth, velvet, white wooly paper and shimmer paper.


Scroll cards are created in various categories. Choose a category that matches the impression desired and the ceremony the cards are announcing. Since the scroll card will make an epic statement, the category must match the material chosen for the cards.

Scroll card categories include box scrolls, princess-themed scrolls, fabric scrolls, high-end scrolls, small scrolls, and only scrolls.


Scroll designs can stand alone for one dramatic impact, but they can also be incorporated into other elements of an occasion by using the mixing and matching method. Incorporate RSVP cards, thank you cards, menu cards, seating chart cards, gift bags and carry bags into the design created within the scroll.

If a scroll card is used for the wedding invitation, for example, scroll cards can also be used for the other cards necessary for the occasion. If the design requires it, do it. Dramatic and passionate scroll card designs call for matching cards for the other elements of the ceremony. More traditional or casual scroll cards do not require other cards for the ceremony. As long as the design flows together, mixing creates a positive impression.


Royal designs call for handcrafted shimmery accessories. Hot foil prints on silver borders give the impression of true royalty, making the perfect accompaniment for beautiful scroll cards. Go bold and dramatic with silver bars, tassels and scroll card boxes that match or blend with the design of the scroll card.

Accessories also include matching plastic containers, matching hexagonal boxes and plastic cases.
The containers, boxes, and cases are important accessories for the scroll cards, for they often give the first impression of the ceremony, holding the scroll card discreetly inside.