Reflect Indian Culture with Sikh Wedding Invitations

A Sikh wedding is as unique and special as it gets in Indian culture. The wedding is quite simple in nature with lively music and dance, but it can be an elaborate affair as well with cultural wedding traditions and the vivid colors that are displayed on everything from invitations to the formal attire that is worn by the bride, groom, and the rest of the wedding party. A Sikh wedding is also known as Anand Karaj, and it typically takes place first thing in the morning in Gurudwara. During the ceremony, the bride and groom are made aware of their duties to one another, and they take blessings from everything that is present once the ceremony has finished.

Customized Sikh Wedding Invitations

Sikh wedding invitations should be just as special as the wedding itself. The cards are typically handcrafted, and they have unique characteristics such as expensive handmade papers that are made with silk or velvet, symbols chosen by the bride and groom, and an array of high quality features to give the cards a look of sheer sophistication. Stone work, sequins, and other elegant embellishments are often used on the cards as well. Calligraphy is the most common font style on Sikh wedding cards. It is used to give them a signature look that is hard to match with standard wedding invitations that are mass produced. The unique thing about these cards is that special verses or poetry is added to them. The messages are usually penned by someone close to the bride and groom, and the cards often display pictures of the couple or their family members as well.

High Quality Affordable Wedding Cards

Sikh weddings boast many lovely traditions that are deeply rooted in the culture. Special rituals take place at both the homes of the bride and groom, prior to the wedding commencing. Even though these weddings are planned based on tradition, they are still energetic affairs where everyone has a lot of fun. Such a special occasion calls for the very best customized invitations you can get. There are plenty of card designers that specialize in Sikh weddings cards, and the cards are usually quite affordable, considering the fact that they are made with only the best card making materials on the market.