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Punjabi wedding invites- every invitation matters

Punjabi wedding invites

When we think Punjabi Weddings, swanky, over the top and ostentatious are the staple notions. Wedding invites are that special medium we use to invite our loved ones and announce to the world about you decision. It is that treasured keepsake that will always rank amongst the top most special days of your life list. Down the years it will take you down memory lane in a jiffy. So making the wedding invite that exemplary affair that will grab eyeballs and garner compliments is important.

We at Regal Cards pride ourselves in bringing the best to the table without failing or compromising. We have amassed a massive collection with illimitable options from which you can take your pick. We specialize in making each card unique and adhering to the theme.

The very best quality stocks are put to use. We employ the best team of artisans to work on each and every card. We ensure that the invite reflects your tastes and preferences in spades. We passionately advocate the idea of originality in every project we take up. Some of the alternatives that we offer are stone inlaid cards with subtle tonalities. Gold and silver embossed designs and embellishments are options in our Punjabi wedding invites collection. Unique textured material cards with clever craftsmanship is one of our many quirks. Alluring designs, quality glossy finishes, breathtaking symbols on handmade paper are all a part of our colossal collection. You can take your pick and mix and match to your satisfaction.

Regal Cards believes in end products that retain their beauty over time without compromising on intricate detailing. We create master pieces that will redefine your wedding invitation goals. You can request a price quote or order a sample and we will ensure that the best is provided to you within the time frame allotted.


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