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Pick the Right Scroll Wedding Invites to Tie Together Your Big Day

scroll wedding invites

Getting married is an incredibly exciting time, but one that also requires you to make a lot of decisions. Everything can be personalized, from your cake to your flowers, and even your wedding invites. At Regal Cards we understand that by choosing components that fit together, you can create a dream day that is unmistakably yours and really expresses who you are as a couple. Read on for some tips about picking the perfect elements for your perfect day.

The Invitations

Picking the right invitation for your big day is important, as it will set the tone for the rest of your event. While flat invitations are still readily available for purchase, couples that want to add some fashion to their wedding are reaching for scroll wedding invites. These invites can be personalized in many designs, patterns, colors, sizes, and even materials. Contact us so that our experts can help you create the scroll wedding invites of your dreams.

Once you have selected the appearance of your scrolls, our team at Regal Cards can engrave or print the information on them. Our experts area happy to come up with a few options that may appeal to you so that you can pick the perfect invitations for your big day.

The Decorations

Many couples like to work with a theme so that they know exactly how to decorate for their wedding. This theme can tie together the cake, invitations, decorations, and even colors that are used. We love to work with our couples to choose the perfect scroll wedding invites that can serve as an anchor for the rest of the decorations. By choosing high-quality materials and colors that you want to use throughout your big day, you can achieve a cohesive look that will impress your guests and make this an event to remember.

The Cake

This is the centerpiece of your reception. While traditional wedding cakes are all white, more and more couples are working with their baker to create a cake that better matches their personalities. Instead of going the traditional route, it’s a great idea to match your cake to the color theme of your wedding, or even to your invitations. Nothing will make your day more special than carrying over the beauty of your scroll wedding invites to the style and presentation of your cake.

The wedding invitation that you send to your family and your friends will be the first bit of information that they receive about your big day, so you need to make sure that it is personalized, true to who you are as a couple, and excites them about celebrating with you. By using your invitations as a way to tie your event together, you can ensure that the decorations, cake, flowers, and color scheme that you choose all work together. Feeling overwhelmed? Call us and we can talk you through the process and help you make a great selection.