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Particulars Regarding the Hindu Marriage Invitation

Hindu Marriage Invitation

A Hindu wedding is a fusion of love, celebrations and traditions. These are typically imperial and lavish affairs. The total number of guests at most of these weddings reaches up to 500. This means that in order to organize such a large and lavish occasion, the preparations have to be completed with attention and care. The Hindu Marriage Invitations signal the commencement of the Hindu wedding. The cards are the first document that is going to officially announce the wedding to formal society. However, this also means that you will have to put quite a bit of time and money into these cards. Much like the actual Hindu wedding, the wedding cards should carry magnificence and elegance. They tell charm and mood of the wedding to potential guests.

Features of the Hindu Wedding Card

There are a number of features that make the Hindu invitation ideal and distinctive. They are usually printed on each side and they are enclosed in an envelope. The envelope should be chosen carefully, since they are also representative of the invitations that are inside. Another reason is the fact that they are usually kept as a type of keepsake for your guests.

Vivid Cards that make an Impact

One of the most peculiar features of the Hindu cards is the vivid colors that are typically used. While the most common invitations are seen in yellow, orange or red, there are a number of other various colors and color combinations that are widely used. These types of joyful colors make these invitation cards much more enchanting and are sure to grab the attention of anyone who receives them.

Motifs and Artwork

The majority of Hindu wedding invitations are also fortified with eccentric motifs and artwork. The patters are designed to not only enhance the beauty of the invitations, but also the entire religious aspect of the Hindu wedding experience. The designs that are seen most often include folded hands, Swastika, Doli and Om. The invitations are also often ornamented with various pearls and gems, which help them appear more graceful. However, it is important to keep in mind, these additions will increase the cost of the invitations.

The Wording

Besides the decorations, the wording of Hindu marriage invitations is also quite significant. They usually begin with shlokas, which are various religious rhymes and then addressing of the guests. This helps to create a personal feel to the cards that are created.


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