The Unique Indian Wedding Invitations

Weddings bring out true love and passion. People are always intrigued by weddings, and they make him feel happy and surrounded by love. In the Indian culture, the celebration of love and a wedding begins as soon as the invitations are printed out. Punjabi wedding invitations are extremely special because it is the first time … Read more

Muslim Wedding Invitations are Heavenly

Marriage is a wonderful bond. It is two who become one to begin a journey in life and love. Not only is the couple connected, but the families are connected, as well. Weddings can rekindle the love other couples have for each other. There is just something about receiving your Islamic wedding invitations and knowing … Read more

Indian wedding Invitation cards and inviting guests

India is a vast country and every year millions of marriages take place. The middle class of India spends more than double the amount of their annual income on marriage while the higher middle class and higher society may spend millions of dollars on a wedding. And no wonder the Indian marriages are called Big … Read more

Peacock Theme Wedding Cards

Peacock Theme Invitation Cards: Peacock inspired wedding themes are very trendy but the perfect Peacock theme invitation cards are not very easy to find. Many companies are making Peacock theme wedding cards but those are just a lot and may not be classy. is a web site where there are many Peacock theme wedding … Read more

Scroll Cards Provide a Royal Impression

Scroll cards make royal impressions when used as invitations to an epic ceremony. Scroll card invitations work beautifully when created uniquely for the occasion. Princess weddings, traditional Indian wedding designs, or unique hand created themes can be incorporated into beautiful scroll cards. Material The material is one of the most important and most memorable elements … Read more

Indian Wedding Invitations Give the First Impression

Make an epic first impression with classy and beautiful Indian wedding invitations created specifically for your wedding. Design, color and theme are three of the most important elements to include when creating the memorable and cherished invitations. Design The first statement made is felt within the passion of the wedding invitation design. Choose or create … Read more