Indian Wedding Invitation

There is No Such Thing as a Standard Indian Wedding Invitation

Just like any other sort of wedding event has no stock, standard or predictable style, so to do Indian weddings. That means there is no such thing as a standard Indian wedding invitation, either. As an example, you might be planning a Punjabi wedding with lots of over-the-top luxuries, an abundance of color and more. [...]

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American Wedding Cards

American Wedding Cards Are Very Flexible Options

It does not matter what sort of wedding you have in mind, American wedding cards can give you a wide range of options. Whether it is as an invitation or a save the date announcement, the variety found in any good collection of American wedding cards guarantees you’ll have many ways to convey your theme, [...]

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islamic wedding invitation cards

4 Tips to Help Design Islamic Wedding Invitation Cards

Planning a Muslim wedding? If so, you’ll have a great deal to handle, but you cannot forget about the invitations. Of course, there’s a lot that goes into designing Islamic wedding invitation cards, and it’s essential that they are done correctly the first time. Below, we’ll discuss four important tips to ensure that you’re able [...]

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indian wedding cards

Understanding Your Options in Indian Wedding Cards

Will you or your child be celebrating a wedding? Looking for a way to tie a modern ceremony in with Indian cultural traditions? If so, Indian wedding cards can be an ideal option. Of course, wedding invitations are quite common today, so it’s important to understand the options available to you, as well as what [...]

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Indian marriage cards

Indian Marriage Cards

Weddings are all about the celebration in India. It is an occasion where we call all our near and dear ones to gather around so that they can be a part of our special day. The invitation is the hard part. But thanks to social media, we all have an easy way out. It is [...]

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Indian wedding cards

The perfect Indian Wedding Card

An Indian wedding is all about style and beauty. Indian weddings are very vibrant and colorful. If you are going to get hitched soon, you must have planned something grand and beautiful for THE DAY. Your wedding card is that one element that gives you the gist of the heritage of your wedding. It is [...]

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Muslim wedding card

Unique Features of a Muslim Wedding

If you go to a card shop and look around at wedding cards to give to a bride and groom on their wedding day or bridal shower, you may notice that a lot of them are traditionally Christian, with a bride in white and a groom in a tux, and other traditional symbols for this [...]

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indian wedding invitation card

How to Pick the Right Card Company for Your Indian Wedding Invitations

If you have an Indian wedding, an Indian wedding invitation card can be a wonderful way of including your heritage while presenting some personal style. There are so many options to choose from, and the variety can sometimes feel overwhelming, but deciding on the right wedding invitations can still be a fun and even relaxed [...]

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Muslim wedding invitation cards

Types and Styles Of a Muslim Wedding Invitation

As anyone getting married may already know choosing the right invitation for your wedding can be a project all on its own. Those planning a traditional Islamic ceremony way want their invitations to reflect a particular style. There are a variety of Muslim wedding invitation cards to choose from. Here are some of the features [...]

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Indian wedding Invitations

Elements to Consider in Your Indian Style Wedding Invitation

When many people think of an Indian style wedding they think of color, music and dance. Choosing Indian wedding invitations is a great way to reflect this before the celebration even begins. There are a number of ways to reflect your wedding’s style into your invitations. Here are a few you may want to consider. [...]

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