Indian wedding invitation

Things to Consider When Choosing an Indian Wedding Card

Many Indian weddings are grand affairs that require months of planning and preparation before the big day. Because of that, every aspect of the day must be carefully considered in advance. One of the aspects that is involved in that is choosing the perfect Indian wedding invitation. This might seem like an easy task but [...]

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American Wedding Cards

Tips When Choosing and Sending American Wedding Cards

The first peek into what your wedding day will be like for your guests comes courtesy of the wedding card, so you want to be sure that it stands out. There are so many types of American wedding cards on the market that it can be challenging to decide between them. If you are having [...]

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walima shaadi invitation cards

You’ve Been Invited to a Walima Shaadi!

Have you received a walima shaadi invitation cards? That is great! Someone in your friend group wants you to participate in their special day! If you have never attended a Pakistani wedding before, you may not understand all of the terms or the activities. Get ready for a lot of glitz and glamour! Here is [...]

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Indian Wedding Card

5 Things to Do ASAP When You Are Planning an Indian Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it is time to get down to business and start planning your big fat Indian wedding. It can be overwhelming thinking about the food, the venue, the Indian wedding cards…but stop all that and focus! These are the 5 things that you should do as soon as possible! Pick 3-4 [...]

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Indian Wedding Cards

Make Your Wedding Unique with Indian Wedding Cards

Although there are many traditions associated with weddings, it is important that you take steps to make your wedding day as unique as possible. It is a significant and major life event, and it should reflect you, your tastes and your vision for your future together. There are many details that can help you to [...]

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American Wedding Cards

American Wedding Cards Suitable for Any Sort of Design or Décor

When you hear the phrase American wedding cards, you may think of the stock or standard designs. Heavy white paper with gold or silver embellishments and fancy script are what many envision when hearing that phrase, and yet there is a great deal more to the options in contemporary American wedding cards. Consider the Trends [...]

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Punjabi Wedding Card

Choosing the Perfect Invitation Cards for Your Punjabi Wedding

One of the most important aspects of a Punjabi wedding are the Punjabi wedding invitation cards. The typical Punjabi wedding is enthusiastically celebrated by loved ones near and far. The wedding often includes seeking blessings from God and elders. The wedding is simply not complete without fun and dancing amongst the traditions. Why Wedding Cards [...]

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American Wedding Card

Choosing the Perfect American Wedding Invitations

When you send out your American wedding invitations, it provides an introduction to potential guests to show the style of your wedding itself. You might choose the same colors as you will for the wedding to offer a cohesive impression. It can be tough to narrow down your options since there are so many of [...]

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The Perfect Indian Wedding Theme

The first step in selecting the perfect Indian wedding invitation is deciding upon the style of your event. These are just a few Indian wedding themes that are currently trending. The Fairytale Wedding If you’re a fan of the Disney movies classic depiction of fairytale weddings, this might be the theme for you. This theme [...]

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Most Common Styles for American Wedding Cards

Although just the first step of many, sending out wedding invitations is a major part in embarking on a wedding ceremony. The card itself can vary in style but should emulate the theme of the event. These are a few popular trends in current American wedding invitation styles. Letterpress Letterpress is the perfect invitation style [...]

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