Sikh Wedding Cards

What to Consider Before Buying Sikh Wedding Cards

Sikh marriage ceremonies go back to the time of Amar Das who lived from 1479-1574. Since that time, the Sikh traditions have held true, including the tradition of Sikh wedding cards. Before you go out and buy Sikh wedding cards, it will be in your best interest to keep the following information in mind:   [...]

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Scroll Invitations

Add a Sense of Class to Your Indian Wedding with Scroll Invitations

Scroll invitations have been a traditional way that kings and queens of times gone by invited people to their weddings and these days, the custom is often used for Indian marriages. Indian weddings are often magnificent and grand events, so it can be very important that the wedding cards reflect that. This is why, in [...]

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Punjabi Wedding Cards

Latest Trends in Punjabi Wedding Cards

Each year, thousands of Indian coupled are married and there is typically nothing small about an Indian wedding. Laced in tradition, grandeur and spectacle, an Indian wedding is not one that is typically ever forgotten. Because the wedding is such a grand event, many Punjabi couples will start the celebrations by sending out wedding cards [...]

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Indian Wedding Cards

Selecting the Right Indian Wedding Cards for You

If you are planning a tradition Indian wedding, you will need gorgeous wedding cards to send to your friends and family. On top of everything else that you will have to do in order to plan your wedding, however, you will also need to find the right Indian wedding cards for you. Typically you will [...]

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The Unique Indian Wedding Invitations

Weddings bring out true love and passion. People are always intrigued by weddings, and they make him feel happy and surrounded by love. In the Indian culture, the celebration of love and a wedding begins as soon as the invitations are printed out. Punjabi wedding invitations are extremely special because it is the first time [...]

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Muslim Wedding Invitations are Heavenly

Marriage is a wonderful bond. It is two who become one to begin a journey in life and love. Not only is the couple connected, but the families are connected, as well. Weddings can rekindle the love other couples have for each other. There is just something about receiving your Islamic wedding invitations and knowing [...]

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Different Designs of Hindu Wedding Cards

Marriage is considered to be one of the strongest and most loving in the Hindu culture. In the Hindu culture marriage beliefs correlate to seven lives joining the two souls and that is why every ceremony of marriage is held with heavy emphasis on commitment. Within the marketplace, available fabrics show off different emotions of [...]

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Buying Great Wedding Invitations Online

The Islamic marriage ceremony is not only very memorable, but it is a beautiful occasion, as well. An Islamic marriage is also known as a Nikah. The invitations that are sent for these occasions also create lasting memories, as well. Family and friends that are invited to your special day will love the aesthetically pleasing [...]

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Traditional Wedding Cards for a Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony

Indian Weddings are elaborate affairs that are comprised of deep rooted ceremonial rituals. Pundit is always present during the rituals, and he is the one that designates how they are to be performed. The wedding cannot take place without him. From choosing the perfect wedding day, to finalizing the wedding cards that will be used, [...]

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Reflect Indian Culture with Sikh Wedding Invitations

A Sikh wedding is as unique and special as it gets in Indian culture. The wedding is quite simple in nature with lively music and dance, but it can be an elaborate affair as well with cultural wedding traditions and the vivid colors that are displayed on everything from invitations to the formal attire that [...]

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