Set the Tone for Your Wedding with Theme Marriage Invitation Cards

Many brides and grooms dream about their wedding for years ahead with ideas of a theme wedding based on something that’s important to them. Some couples opt to plan that theme once their relationship has started because they believe the theme they are planning speaks volumes about themselves as a couple. Regardless of the reason [...]

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Buying Indian Marriage Cards Online – Essential Tips

Are you thinking about buying Indian marriage cards online? Here are some tips to help you avoid buyer’s remorse: Shop Around Well in Advance It takes time to plan a wedding, of course. And part of the reason why most people begin planning about a year in advance is that they need time to ensure [...]

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Matching Your Wedding Themes and Invitations

When it comes time to choose your wedding invitations, it is essential the wedding theme and invitations match. This is true whether you are planning a beach wedding, a religious ceremony or are simply concerned with matching the invitations to a color scheme. Wedding Themes A wedding, modern or traditional, tends to have a theme. [...]

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Weddings And Invitations: Dazzling The Guests

A wedding for Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and many other faiths is almost schizophrenic in nature. On the one hand, it is an event joining two houses together forever. The days of being single are gone. It is time to become an adult and accept the responsibilities associated with this time of life. Weddings mark the [...]

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Marriage Invitations: Making The Day Uniquely Yours

A wedding begins in the hearts and minds of all involved. It involves detailed planning and preparation. Each wedding demands attention to the smallest of elements. For the families, no feature should ever be overlooked. This certainly applies to the marriage invitations. The perfect marriage invitations are one way to make this day uniquely memorable, [...]

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Hindu Marriage Cards: Opulent, Colorful and Symbolic

When it comes to Hindu marriage cards, the words to describe them are opulent, colorful and symbolic. They symbolize a very special day for the family and friends. The card is emblematic of the vivaah (wedding) and vivaah sanskar (wedding ceremony) to come. It therefore becomes very important to select the right symbols and designs [...]

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Sikh Wedding Cards

What to Consider Before Buying Sikh Wedding Cards

Sikh marriage ceremonies go back to the time of Amar Das who lived from 1479-1574. Since that time, the Sikh traditions have held true, including the tradition of Sikh wedding cards. Before you go out and buy Sikh wedding cards, it will be in your best interest to keep the following information in mind:   [...]

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Scroll Invitations

Add a Sense of Class to Your Indian Wedding with Scroll Invitations

Scroll invitations have been a traditional way that kings and queens of times gone by invited people to their weddings and these days, the custom is often used for Indian marriages. Indian weddings are often magnificent and grand events, so it can be very important that the wedding cards reflect that. This is why, in [...]

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Punjabi Wedding Cards

Latest Trends in Punjabi Wedding Cards

Each year, thousands of Indian coupled are married and there is typically nothing small about an Indian wedding. Laced in tradition, grandeur and spectacle, an Indian wedding is not one that is typically ever forgotten. Because the wedding is such a grand event, many Punjabi couples will start the celebrations by sending out wedding cards [...]

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Indian Wedding Cards

Selecting the Right Indian Wedding Cards for You

If you are planning a tradition Indian wedding, you will need gorgeous wedding cards to send to your friends and family. On top of everything else that you will have to do in order to plan your wedding, however, you will also need to find the right Indian wedding cards for you. Typically you will [...]

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