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Navigating the sensitive corners of the wedding invite

Interfaith Marriage Invites

A well designed wedding invite card will help you through several of the problems brides to be and wedding organizers struggle with when they are organizing weddings. Whether they are Muslim, Christian or interfaith marriage invites, the best should be able to address the following;

Dress code

Most people get confused over the dress code when it is not included in the invite. The easiest way to get the dress code point across is to include an actual description, typically at the lower right hand corner of the card. Black tie, cocktail dress or casual, the point is to provide clear guidance to the guests, who not only want to fit in, but also look good while doing it. The overall design of the invite also cues the guest in. For instance, those ultra-formal, traditional invites with calligraphy and letterpress will strongly hint to the formal nature of the event. However, bright colors and a playful font announces a fun and casual style. A wedding website can also go into more detail about the day, dress code and general mood.

The plus one

Organizing a wedding calls for proper etiquette and appropriateness when making a wedding invite. Most people often assume this means inviting guests with plus one. The truth is this does not have to be the case. It is perfectly acceptable to invite guests solo, especially when they are not married or in a committed relationship. Still, there should be enough room for flexibility. For instance, if you want a small, intimate wedding, call the people up and explain the reasons for that. On the other hand, there could be some leeway for people to come with a significant other.

Family vs friends

If you are organizing a small wedding ceremony for family only, friends might feel left out. The general rule of thumb is that whoever is invited to the ceremony should also be invited to the wedding. Inviting someone to any one and not the other shows that one does not care enough for them or does not want to pay for the extra plate.


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