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Most Common Styles for American Wedding Cards


Although just the first step of many, sending out wedding invitations is a major part in embarking on a wedding ceremony. The card itself can vary in style but should emulate the theme of the event. These are a few popular trends in current American wedding invitation styles.


Letterpress is the perfect invitation style for those going for a classic, retro sort of wedding theme. This process involves using a stamp to imprint words and images and stationary. The result is one of high quality and elegance.

Vintage Fonts

If letterpress isn’t your thing, but you still want to incorporate a vintage theme into your invitations, this might be the style for you. With vintage typography, lettering serves as the primary decorative element of the card. Typically old style typefaces are used along with detailed line graphics to accentuate the words. This trend is popular because it allows for creativity while still maintaining a traditional feel.

Creative Illustrations

If you are looking to incorporate some of your artistic talents into your wedding invitations, this might be the style you’re looking for. If you are creative, this is an excellent opportunity to let your personality shine through the American Wedding Invitation. Some couples like to include personal graphics, like a painted version of themselves or perhaps another meaningful element. An advantage of this type of style is that it shows that the couple put work and effort into creating their invitation for their special day. It will also serve as a wonderful keepsake from the event for years to come.

Artistic Packaging

Keep in mind that a wedding invitation is typically not just one piece of paper. There are often multiple elements included, such as “Save the Date” cards, RSVP reminders, maps for the venue, and more. Don’t stop with just the card, incorporate your personalized theme into all elements of the invitation. Cohesive packaging will tie together the contents of the invitations. Packaging styles can vary depending on the couple, their style of wedding and their budget. Many couples like to incorporate lace, ribbon, or twine into their packaging to add to the decoration. If you have money to spend on custom packaging, go all out with creative envelopes to really wow your guests and give them a preview into your special day.

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