Matching Your Wedding Themes and Invitations

When it comes time to choose your wedding invitations, it is essential the wedding theme and invitations match. This is true whether you are planning a beach wedding, a religious ceremony or are simply concerned with matching the invitations to a color scheme.

Wedding Themes

A wedding, modern or traditional, tends to have a theme. A themed wedding card may refer to one of two approaches:

  1. The theme of the actual card – paisley, color scheme, symbols, wording
  2. Theme of the wedding – today wedding can express a theme – beach, destination, pirate, fantasy

What approach you may take will depend upon a variety of factors including, faith, culture and tradition.

Your choice of invitation design sometimes depends upon your faith. In Hindu, Muslim and Sikh weddings, the expectation is for the cards to reflect certain symbols of the specific faith. For many Hindus, themed wedding invitations often feature symbols such as Om, the Lord Ganesha and Kalash. For Muslim wedding invitations, the symbols will vary as will the wording. In both Muslim and Hindu traditions, the wording is extremely important. Many invitations begin with an apt quotation.

Wedding invitations may also cater to the specific theme of the wedding. For many individuals, the theme is a departure from a traditional wedding. The desire may be to have it in an exotic locale. The wedding invitations may state the bride and groom want to invite you to a fantasy wedding. It could also combine traditional aspects from other cultures – particularly if the wedding is a hybrid – one in which two different faiths or sects are marrying.

Keeping Everyone Informed

Whether you are holding a traditional or themed wedding, invitations should always include precise information on the event. No matter what your faith it is essential you provide the basics. These include:

  • The bride-and-groom
  • The event
  • The date of the wedding and any events before or after
  • Address and if possible a map or site to Google the directions
  • The parents (and in certain cases the grandparents)

Online Shopping

By going online, you can find exquisite wedding cards suitable for all faiths. You will be able to choose from a wide selection of beautifully designed cards, crafted by a true artisan for your special occasion. These unique creations will make your wedding a memorable and cherished event for all who attend.