Latest Trends in Punjabi Wedding Cards

Each year, thousands of Indian coupled are married and there is typically nothing small about an Indian wedding. Laced in tradition, grandeur and spectacle, an Indian wedding is not one that is typically ever forgotten. Because the wedding is such a grand event, many Punjabi couples will start the celebrations by sending out wedding cards to their guests. Punjabi wedding cards are traditionally an extremely important part of the wedding celebration and will greatly reflect on what is to come as the wedding rituals and celebrations, begin. Lately, there have been two trends that have really taken hold when it comes to Punjabi wedding cards and all couples should check them out:

Bejeweled Indian Wedding Cards

In days gone by, traditional Indian wedding cards will quite popular, but they were also low key, simple and to some, a bit boring. These days, Punjabi couples are choosing to add a bit of glamour and glitz to their wedding cards by adding jewels. These cards may be designed with Swarovski crystals covering them or designed with colored jewels that represent the colors that are going to be noticed in the upcoming rituals and ceremonies. Typically you will also see that these cards are adorned with pictures of motifs that greatly reflect Indian culture as well, making them ideal for all types of couples, from those who are a bit more traditional minded to those who are looking for something that will make a statement.

Scroll Indian Wedding Cards

If sophistication and majestic is more your scene, you may want to consider scroll wedding cards for your upcoming wedding. Based on the traditional wedding invitation of former kings and queens of India, these cards will certainly give your invitations a very royal look. You can find scroll cards made of a variety of materials including handmade paper, vellum, silk and velvet. You can also get scroll cards to match almost any wedding theme, including those that are more traditional or more contemporary. Though these wedding cards are more on the expensive side, they will certainly make an impression and you will certainly be able to express a unique style when you send these cards out to your guests.

These are just two of many different Indian wedding cards out there, but you should start with these two popular styles as they are dominating the market.