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Islamic Marriage Cards & Its Elements


In Islamic culture, marriage invitations are known as Walima or Nikah cards and denote the spiritual rituals and significance observed in this community. These cards form an integral part of the whole event and are sent out to announce the wedding ceremony.

Islamic marriage cardsare famous worldwide for their unique designs, symbol and colors. The existence of these features makes Nikah cards suitable for the wedding ceremony, without which the event is incomplete. Below are the various types colors and symbol used in Islamic wedding cards.

  • Stars and crescent: The star and crescent is recognized internationally as the symbol of Islam, which represents faith in God. This religious symbol features an image of a crescent moon and a star. In Muslim culture, star and moon are seen as the binding symbol of believing in the almighty God. It features outstandingly on the Islamic marriage cards as a holy symbol that denotes faith in God to make the ceremony successful.
  • Bismillah: The Bismillah symbol contains the true spirit of the holy Quran and denotes the name of Allah. The symbol reflects the adoration, blessing and support from God. This beautiful symbol is a splendid prompt of the relationship with the creator and all its creations. Due to this feature, Bismillah symbol is published on the Islamic marriage cards to seek the support and blessing of God.
  • Allah: The Allah symbol means God and is used by Muslims for signifying God in Islam. It represents blessing, faith and purity. This symbol is published on the Islam marriage cards to make the ceremony divine and holy. It is also believed that Allah symbol on the card guides the marriage to the best of happiness, understanding and love between the groom and bride. If you are looking for the best designs and features for your wedding card, Regal Cards has it all for you.


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