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Indian wedding invites- everything should be done in style

Indian wedding invites

We often hear people use the term the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Every big fat Indian wedding requires a wedding invite that matches its scale of elegance and style. It is that perfect medium that will announce to the world and your loved ones about your special day. The grandiosity of every Indian wedding is worth marveling over. Then why cut back on the wedding invites. We belong to a culture that is very much inclined towards traditions and archaic beauty. It is one of our many quirks. Wedding invites that reflect the elegance and jazz of an Indian wedding is definitely a goal we all crave.

Regal Cards makes this your reality. Catering to the varying tastes of our customers with a large array of collection will leave you spoilt for choice. Prompt services with the best paraphernalia at our disposal are what we offer to every customer. Original ideas which adhere to themes, rituals and traditions are the alternatives we cater to. But with an urban twist. Chants, symbols and gold embossment in intricate detailing and breathtaking beauty are very much a part of our massive collection.

Ideas and schemes that befit luxury, ardor and charm and reflect the taste of the bride is one of our many aims. Clever craftsmanship with a very unique blend of ethnic and modern designs is a staple in Indian Marriage Invites. We work on this to the best of our abilities till we garner an overwhelming response from the customer.

High quality materials, best artisans with endless ideas in their arsenal make Regal cards the hub of Indian Wedding cards. We provide samples along with the price details and each design is described with meticulous efforts.


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