Indian Wedding Invitations Give the First Impression

Make an epic first impression with classy and beautiful Indian wedding invitations created specifically for your wedding. Design, color and theme are three of the most important elements to include when creating the memorable and cherished invitations.


The first statement made is felt within the passion of the wedding invitation design. Choose or create a design that matches the ritualistic feel and the importance of the occasion. The design of Indian Wedding Invitations should be a perfect marriage with the wedding couple, reflecting their personalities, desires and joy.

Unique wedding invitations make bold statements and can stand on their own, even when coupled with matching cards or other wedding decorations. One of a kind invitations become valued keepsakes as they reflect the unity and energy promoted within the wedding ritual. Handmade wedding invitations and invitations crafted in India are popular choices.

Traditional wedding invitations are the perfect accompaniment for couples who enjoy valuable traditions. Consider following in the footsteps of other family members from previous generations and design wedding invitations that are similar or identical to those of couples within the family. These invitations make statements that connect and wedding couple to family leaders being honored.


The colors of Indian wedding invitations are often the main element that wedding guests remember. The invitation colors not only represent the couple; they represent the season and time of the ceremony.

Consider the season when choosing the color for the wedding invitations. Invitation color schemes should match or flow with the season the wedding is scheduled. For example, orange, saffron, yellow, gold or shades of green are reminiscent of a summer day out of doors. Couples enjoying a winter wedding can create invitations in winter white, silver, pearl or shades of dark blue reminiscent of a starry sky.

Choose a color scheme that is in balance with the time frame that the wedding is scheduled. If the wedding is a daytime wedding, choose colors that reflect that mood, such as red, gold or white. For weddings that are scheduled after 5:00 in the evening, choose gray, silver, elegant black, copper or mother of pearl.


Wedding themes often begin with the wedding invitation. Invitation styles include paisley prints, elegant initials, sweeping leaf or tree designs, and simple but striking swirls. The invitation theme should be reflective of the wedding couple’s flair and that which they want to promote.