Indian wedding Invitation cards and inviting guests

India is a vast country and every year millions of marriages take place. The middle class of India spends more than double the amount of their annual income on marriage while the higher middle class and higher society may spend millions of dollars on a wedding. And no wonder the Indian marriages are called Big fat Indian weddings. An typical American marriage does not costs more than dollars fifty thousand where as the annual income of an average American is much more than that. This is mainly the reason why the wedding planning business in India is on the boom with an lucrative increase of twenty five to thirty percent per annum. A typical high end Indian wedding covers all aspects that is from a Royal Indian wedding invitation card to the entire colorful and versatile wedding traditions and rituals. No doubt Indian marriages are most happening and vivacious celebrations around the Globe.
Wedding planners are new batch of entrepreneurs in India and wedding planning is a very new and trendy business line. Most of the high society people in India want exclusive and fashionable marriages. You will not be surprised to witness most extraordinary wedding arrangements in an usual middle class wedding. Starting from most designer Indian wedding invitations to highly impressive wedding outfits these marriages could be a jaw dropper for people who see these lavish arrangements for the first time. Most expensive luxury brands of international cars are hired for the guests. Exotic floral arrangements and most plentiful meals are served during the entire event that may last from a day to couple of days. Highly paid celebrity film stars are main attraction of such weddings and all these makes the Indian wedding a magnificent celebration and a fabulous affair. The numerous rituals and customs of a typical Indian wedding shows how colorful and diversified Indian culture and customs are. Indian wedding invitations too are a very important portion of this entire procedure. No matter where the marriage happens that is abroad or within the country the Indian wedding card has a highly detailed information and the invitation process too is extremely unique process. A special day is fixed to start distributing the invitations and a very auspicious day is chosen to write first invitation card. The initial first few Indian wedding invitation cards are dedicated to Gods and Goddesses and they are evoked and their blessings are requested for the successful completion of entire wedding festivity. The couple getting married also seeks blessings of Gods and Goddesses for their fruitful and happy married life. Inviting the guests is not an ordinary affair in India. The guests prefer personal invitations and expect that the invitation card should be handed to them in person with lots of verbal requests made to attend the entire wedding festival. With the advent of modern technology the Invitation cards now are sent through mail followed by request through phone calls or emails to the guests. But after all this the invitation should be extremely cordial and warm.