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Indian Wedding Cards: The Traditional Blended With Modern Style


Indian wedding cards should convey a lot more than just a date and time for the wedding. A wedding invitation can carry the bright and beautiful colors of the biggest festivals of the year, and you may even use the wedding invitation card as a style guide for the wedding. Do not be afraid to buy cards that have a touch of the old and new in one package.

How Are These Cards Made?

The Indian wedding cards that you buy should have the sharp angles and color mixes that you would see in other invitations. You want people who receive the cards to feel like they have been transported back to India, and you want to send a card that has a bit of the faithful and somber language that people would expect. The Card Package

Card packages should come with dozens of cards in one. You may buy a small pack when you would like to send a few special cards, or you could get more than one style of card that you might like to mix together. Looks for the cards that have the best envelopes, the cards with the best prices, and a package that has enough cards for the whole group. You may also find a bulk discount when purchasing hundreds of cards at once.

Regal Cards Offers a Large Selection

Regal Cards provides you with a large catalog of Indian wedding cards that will provide the sentiment and style that you need in a wedding invitation. Your family and friends should receive a card that you can be proud of, it you also need to send a card that will remind them of your heritage. You want everyone to feel the deep tradition of the family line, but you also want to send a modern card that looks clean and crisp.


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