How to Choose Indian Wedding Invitations

Indian wedding invitations are very important in the Indian community. Apart from informing the guests about the upcoming wedding, they also reflect the taste and style of the wedding couple. A wedding invitation is a special request to honor the groom and the bride by attending their wedding. The wedding invitation also shows the union between the bride and the groom that the guests are invited to witness.

There are hundreds of different invitation cards from which to choose the one to use for your wedding from. Although this large collection makes it easier for you to get a wedding invitation card, it can confuse you, and you end up choosing a card that does not match the theme of your wedding.

As such, you need help of an expert to choose a wedding invitation card that matches the theme of your Indian wedding. It should also be a card that suits your style, taste and personal preference. Several factors come into play when choosing an Indian wedding card.

They include the following:

  • Pageantry: Indian weddings are full of pageantry and pomp. They last for about three days. It is important to consider the number of days that you want the wedding to last. In most cases, wedding cards invite guests for the last day of the wedding. However, you can invite your guests for the three days. Knowing about the pageantry of your wedding makes it easier for you to know which guests will attend on which day and then indicate that on the wedding invitation.
  • Budget: Your budget for designing and printing the cards should dictate the number of invitations to send. Currently, it is possible to get Indian wedding invitations that suit your budget. You just need to shop online before choosing a designer to order your cards from.
  • Colors and design: The colors that you choose for your wedding invitations should match the theme of your wedding. Among the most common colors for Indian wedding cards are saffron, green, gold and red. These colors have meanings, and it is important to know their meaning first. It is also important that you discuss with your spouse before choosing the design of your invitation. This will make choosing the design of your invitation easier.

By considering these factors beforehand, you can easily choose Indian wedding cards that suit the specific needs of your wedding. You can seek help of a wedding card designer if you are not certain of any aspect of your wedding invitations.

Indian wedding invitations are very important in the Indian community because a wedding is a very special occasion for the wedding couple. Visit for more information and guidance.