How Multifaith Wedding Invitation Cards Differ from Religious Invites

Over the past century, we here at Regal Cards have seen a real shift in the types of wedding invitation cards which are being requested. When we first opened our doors for business in 1934, the vast majority of invitations we created were related to one’s faith, such as Sikh and Hindu wedding invitations and cards. Many of the couples who were to be wed shared the same faith and shared the same religious beliefs.

As we venture deeper into the 21st century, we have experienced a huge increase in demand for our multifaith wedding invitation cards. Rather than simply celebrate the sharing of a faith, people are choosing to celebrate humanity. More and more couples from different faiths are coming together and are building beautiful lives. We at Regal Cards enjoy celebrating this with these couples, and so we make sure that we have a wide selection of multifaith wedding invitation cards to choose from.

What Is a Multifaith Wedding Invitation?

Commonly referred to interfaith, cross-cultural or non-religious wedding cards, a multifaith wedding invite is one which does not showcase or promote one kind of faith. Instead of portraying a single religion, they portray the love which is shared between the couple.

The Features of a Multifaith Wedding Invitation

There are some distinct features which separate our multifaith invitations from those which have a more religious theme.

  • Multifaith wedding invitations will celebrate the theme of the wedding day and do not focus on any religious aspects. We work with couples to create completely unique invites which speak to how their wedding day will appear and which will help set the tone.
  • The artwork provided on these invitations varies extensively in comparison to religious cards. The designs and the style of the card focus more on celebrating art than faith.
  • The wording and layout which is presented in this type of invitation may be different from the wording of a classic wedding invitation

How to Get the Most Out of Your Multifaith Wedding Invitation Cards

Soon to be brides and grooms want their invitations to be as perfect as possible, which is why we strongly recommend that anyone ordering wedding invitations work closely with his or her card designer.

We at Regal Cards receive a lot of international orders, but that does not mean that we are not able to effectively communicate with our clients. If we have any questions about your invitations, we reach out to you, and we are available to discuss your wants and desires for your card. Our professional design team will make sure that they understand the theme of the wedding as well as why you have chosen multifaith wedding invitation cards to send out to your guests.