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How a Scroll Invitation Can Provide You with a Unique Invite

A wedding day is a special and unforgettable day in a couple’s life. It is the day they set aside to exchange vows to become husband and wife before their family and friends. Each couple wants their wedding to be unique and a moment they will never forget. There are so many decisions that need to be made when the couple starts to plan their special day. Whether they are choosing the location for the ceremony or selecting their wedding invitation. These are all important details that can make a difference in how memorable their wedding will be. One way of accomplishing this is by selecting scroll wedding invites to announce the upcoming ceremony to their family and friends.

Choices You Will Have to Make

  • When designing your scroll wedding invites, you want to select the style you want to use. Box, traditional, wooden, small, or long scrolls are a few choices you have.
  • The type of material is another aspect you will have to consider. Do you want handmade paper, cloth, velvet, silk, or satin material used to make your invitation?
  • You will need to choose what color the scroll will be such as how many colors will be used and which kind.
  • The font size of text and color is another important feature to think about, you want to use text that is easy for your guests to read.
  • Do you want special embellishments used on the invitations and what style?
  • Will you need additional printed materials such as wedding programs, RSVP cards, or customized gift bags?

Make Your Invitation Just as Special as Your Day

Regal Cards understands how important a wedding day is to the happy couple. That is why they work with each client to help design the unique invitation they are looking for. They offer a variety of services and products to ensure you obtain an elegant invite that will have your guests talking long before your special day. They even offer samples that can be shipped to your home to help make the decision-making process easier for you and your partner. You can see the intricate details that go into each invitation and touch the high-quality materials they used to help you decide on which type of invitation to choose from. You can save money on your order by purchasing your invitations and additional printed materials in bulk.


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