Having a Themed Wedding? Tips to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

When you receive a wedding invite, it can be all too easy to expect a tradition, predictable and possibly boring wedding. What should be an exciting occasion becomes a bit of a chore as you return the usual response card and check off your dinner option. This is not how you want people reacting to your wedding, which is why theme weddings are a great and exciting option. Instead of the usual pretty flowers and basic color scheme, get your guests involved in a unique and intriguing theme from start to finish.

Theme Marriage Invitations
You want to start strong and get your guests excited for the theme and the wedding, so the invite is key. Make it tie in with your theme in a unique way. For instance, if you’re having a Vegas style wedding, you could send out invitations that are scratch offs, like lotto cards. If you are doing a space themed wedding, then it can be as simple as invitations with a star pattern. Picking a unique invitation will get your guests intrigued and invested in the theme. Theme marriage invitations are the first step to a great theme wedding.

Dress Code
When you send out the invitation, you can always include an insert or section about dress code. There are a lot of ways to play with the dress code to try to fit your theme. Some are more extreme than others; a Halloween wedding could be costume themed, telling all the guests to wear their favorite costumes. If you’re having a space themed wedding, like the one mentioned above, you could include a suggestion for guests to wear blue, if they have a suitable piece of clothing. Having your guests dress to impress will give them a role in the wedding, and will make for amazing photos!

Themed Favors
If you’re sending guests home with wedding favors, having them fit the theme makes the wedding truly memorable. If your wedding is winter themed, you could send guests home with a small snowman decoration or a holiday ornament. It’s something small that will nevertheless let them remember the actual wedding. For a Vegas themed wedding, you could send each person home with a lotto ticket; they’re inexpensive and disposable, so guests won’t have to worry about what to do with them after the wedding.

Theme weddings can be a lot of fun if the hosts and guests fully commit, so encourage them to! Make it a party not just for you, but also for your guests, from start to finish.