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Getting Married in US: Tips to Design Islamic Wedding Invitations

Getting Married in US- Tips to Design Islamic Wedding Invitations

You are getting married, and you are doing everything you can to make the day perfect. This is a good thing, and you should be planning every little detail, including how your Islamic wedding invitation cards will look. The following are a few tips to ensure they come out right.


One thing you need to keep in mind is that Islamic weddings are normally quite colorful. You need to think about the colors you are going to use during your ceremony, and use those colors to construct your wedding invitations. Make sure your cards are printed by professionals to ensure quality. Guests could think your invitations are low-quality if you print them at home as the colors may not come out right.

Think of Themes

Another thing you want to keep in mind are the graphics or designs you are going to use in your wedding. Those designs or symbols should be embedded somehow on your Islamic wedding invitation cards. This step may seem like you’re overdoing it, but it gives guests an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the kind of wedding you are designing.

Include Allah

The next thing you want to do when designing your invitation cards is include Allah. You can do this in the writing and by using the bismillah, which is a traditional logo that you probably know. The logo looks beautiful, and it tells invitees that the ceremony is being done “in the name of Allah,” which is an important statement to make if you are having a traditional Islamic wedding.

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