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Get the Exact Look and Style You Want With Designer Wedding Invitations


The wedding invitation plays a very important role in your special day. It does announce the time and day of the ceremony and reception, but it also gives your guests their first peek at what to expect. The look and style of your invitations will set the tone for the entire celebration. The following are just a few ways in which you can make your wedding invitations uniquely your own.

Pick Coordinating Colors

The colors you choose for your wedding invitations should coordinate beautifully with the colors you are using in the actual wedding. For example, if the wedding party will be dressed in blue, the invitation could be mostly blue. You can also use colors that you plan on having in the bouquets and floral arrangements.

Add Your Personal Style

If you are a traditionalist, create the perfect invitation by using classic designs. On the other hand, if you are a very modern couple, skip the common wording in order to replace it with your own style of announcing the big day. Even the size, shape, and added frills can be used to reflect your individuality.

Include Your Faith

For many couples, the wedding ceremony is an important part of their faith. The invitation should reflect the beliefs of your chosen faith. Invitations can be designed for Hindu, Muslim, Christian, or any other faith. If you and your fiancée come from different backgrounds, select interfaith invitations that represent your union.

At Regal Cards, we can help you ensure your invitation let guests know all of the important information about your big day as well as hint at what the celebration will be like. Whether you are having a small, traditional ceremony or a huge, formal event, designer wedding invitations will get things rolling. Visit Regal Cards at www.regalcards.com to start creating your designer wedding invitations.


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