Features of the Sikh Wedding Invitations

Sikhs are well-known for the pride they takes in their traditions and customs all over the world. The wedding ceremony is considered a very auspicious occasion that is based on religious culture and values. Even with the advancements of technology and culture, the rituals have not lost their relevance or importance to the ceremony. In much the same way, Sikh Marriage Invitations depict their rites and their culture. In the Sikh community, the elders blessing plays a large role in the entire wedding celebration. The entire community is considered God-fearing and extremely pious, which is the same tone that is displayed in the invitation cards that are used.

Options for Sikh Wedding Invitations

There are a number of different options that are available when it comes to Sikh wedding invitations, offering modern looking textures and designs. The designs are mostly composed of contemporary and conventional styles. In most cases, the invitations look and design is determined by the bride and the groom. Since they put a high amount of importance to the rituals in the cards, they are typically a blend of the wedding theme and these important traditions.

The Card’s Wording

The wedding cards for Sikhs usually contain religious content and it is customary to include various religious wordings in the invitations. The blessings of the god (waheguru) are extremely important and it is also immensely important to have the blessings of the elders, without which the wedding is not complete. The purpose of the cards is to inform your guests about the upcoming ceremony.

Symbols Used in the Invitation

Very similar to Hindu wedding cards, the Sikh wedding invitations also contain religious symbols that have a great deal of significance for their religion. Symbols such as the Khanda are very commonly used for the invitations and on the envelopes.

Card Creativity

There are a large number of patterns and designs available today for Sikh wedding invitations. You can make a choice that embraces your religion as well as your modern style. With different materials, vibrant textures, beautiful colors and eloquent designs, you can create a unique card that represents your wedding well.

When it comes to selecting your Sikh wedding invitations, keeping all of these things in mind will help you find the right invitation for your needs. Combining religion, tradition and culture will help you create the perfect invitation for your big day.