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Elements to Consider in Your Indian Style Wedding Invitation

Indian wedding Invitations

When many people think of an Indian style wedding they think of color, music and dance. Choosing Indian wedding invitations is a great way to reflect this before the celebration even begins. There are a number of ways to reflect your wedding’s style into your invitations. Here are a few you may want to consider.


Color is an important aspect of a wedding. Many couples choose theme colors for their ceremonies and incorporate them into everything from flowers and place settings, to the bridesmaids dresses. In many cases they want these colors included in their invitations as well. There are several ways to do this. Theme colors can be used either as the main element of the invitation with contrasting script, or as an accent color. If your theme colors are dark or light it’s easy to use them as the main color. For example a dark blue invitation can show off cream writing nicely. If you wedding colors are mid spectrum, such as a teal or maroon, it may be better to use these colors as an accent instead so that your invitation text isn’t overwhelmed.


Pattern is another element often seen in Indian wedding invitations. Patterns can be used either as a main design element with one bold color over another, or as an accent with the pattern color only a slightly different shade. Patterns may also cover the whole of the invitation or used only as a decorative element in a frame or border.


Design elements are a great way to add a bit of your personality to your wedding invitations. Not only does it give you a chance to add an extra bit of flare, but you can choose elements that reflect your wedding’s theme. It could be a cut out that resembles lace, an image to represent you and your new spouse, or a decorative element that adds a bit of sparkle or flare such as rhinestones or gold foil. There are a variety of pre-made invitations available, and knowing a design element you want to include can be a helpful way to narrow down the choices.

Choosing your Indian wedding invitations is an important part of inviting the guests to celebrate the big day. Consider using the card’s design as a way of incorporating your wedding’s theme. It can be as simple as incorporating your wedding colors, or as creative as finding a pattern or design element that represents you and your new spouse. Feel free to have fun with it, and remember you’re inviting your friends and relatives to celebrate with you.


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